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Getting Started

What is Documill Leap Salesforce app?

Documill Leap Salesforce app is Documill Leap’s interface for Salesforce. Documill Leap Salesforce app enables you to plan collaborative document creation and monitor the progress of your document without leaving Salesforce environment.

Introduction to Documill Leap Salesforce app

What is Documill Leap?

Documill Leap is an offer & contract collaboration solution that improves collaborative document creation, negotiation, and review - all the way to getting approvals via e-signing and document delivery.

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Introduction to Documill Leap

What should I do after installing Documill Leap Salesforce app?

Once Documill Leap Salesforce app is installed, you need to perform the Initial Setup. To help you with this process, we prepared step-by-step instructions to do that:

Initial setup

How do I prepare a document using Documill Leap Salesforce app?

After the Initial Setup, you are able to prepare your document inside a Leap Project. To do that, follow the instructions to create a Leap Project:

Create a Leap Project

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