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Initial setup

Available to Salesforce Administrator and Leap Organization Admin.

After installing Documill Leap Salesforce app, you may open the Documill Leap Setup Assistant which will guide you to through the setup, step-by-step.
You can open the Documill Leap Setup Assistant via the App Launcher.

There are four steps that need to be done to setup Documill Leap Salesforce app and one optional step if you also use Documill Dynamo.

1. Connect to Documill Leap

Connecting Leap for Salesforce to Documill Leap by linking your Leap Organization and your Leap Account:

2. Add Salesforce Users to Leap Organization

Allow your Salesforce User to create and manage their Leap Projects by adding them into Leap Organization.
To do so, please refer to the following instructions: Adding a Salesforce User to Leap .

3. Select Documill Leap Workflows

Documill Leap Workflows are blueprints for your Projects. Select the workflows that will be available to your Salesforce users when they create Leap Projects. If you need different Leap Workflows, you can also create your own in Leap.

If you want to create your own Leap Workflows, please follow these instructions: Create a Workflow Template .

Once you are ready to select Leap Workflows for your Salesforce Users, please follow these instructions: Select Leap Workflow Templates .

4. Add Leap Projects component to page layout

Add the Leap Projects component to an Object’s page layout so that your Salesforce Users can create and manage Leap Projects. As a recommendation, it would be good to add a Leap Projects component to the Opportunity Object’s page layout.
To do so, please refer to the following instructions: Adding Documill Leap's custom component to page layout .

5. Connect Documill Leap to Documill Dynamo (optional)

If you also use Documill Dynamo, you can further automate the Leap Project creation process for your Salesforce Users, including:

  • Generate initial document which contains Salesforce data using Documill Dynamo.

  • Pre-select Workflow Template that match with the generated document.

To do so, please refer to the following instructions: Configuring Leap and Dynamo .


At this point, you are able to start creating projects and prepare your documents. You may want to have a look at the tutorial to create your first project: Create your first project .

If you have other questions or need help in setting up Documill Leap Salesforce app, please contact us at

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