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Documill Leap Project Event

Salesforce offers automation tools that can be triggered in different ways. One of the ways to trigger an automation is by publishing a Platform Event into Salesforce. Documill Leap Salesforce app takes advantage of this by providing a Platform Event called Documill Leap Project Event. This Platform Event enables you to build automation triggered by the events that happened in your Leap projects.

Data in Documill Leap Project Event

Currently, Documill Leap web app is able to send below project event data to Salesforce:

Event type


Project Status change

When a Project changes its status. This includes when project went live, became paused, got canceled, or got completed.

Task Status change

When a Task changes its status. This includes when someone done editing a document, gave their review to a document, signed a document, and other task-related events.

The project event data is then stored as Documill Leap Project Event with below structure:



Example value


The date when the event happened.

2023-06-30 00:00:00


The type of the event.

  • ProjectStatusChange

  • TaskStatusChange


The outcome of the event. The meaning of this data depends on the type of the event.

  • If a ProjectStatusChange has an outcome of PAUSED:
    The project has been paused.

  • If a TaskStatusChange has an outcome of COMPLETED:
    The task has been completed.


The collaborator involved in the event.

  • If the collaborator is a Leap User:
    Name of the collaborator.

  • If the collaborator is a guest:
    E-mail of the collaborator.


The full details of the event.

  • Example of a ProjectStatusChange:
    This data tells that a project, titled “Acme Agreement 2023” was paused on June 30th, 2023.

      "creationDate":"Jun 30, 2023, 8:48:41 AM",
        "project-name":"Acme Agreement 2023",

  • Example of a TaskStatusChange:
    This data tells that John Smith completed their review of contract.docx and gave it a pass on June 30th, 2023.

      "creationDate":"Jun 30, 2023, 6:30:12 AM",
        "collaborator-name":"John Smith",

If this data is what you need for your automation, you can configure Documill Leap web app to send project event data to Salesforce: Sending Project Event Data to Salesforce .

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