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Working with Related List

Introduction to Related List

The Salesforce Related List (or Line Items) of an object is a single component showing a list of related records based on one specific object. For example, from an Account page, all the Opportunities related to that account or list of Contacts that associate with it can be seen. The Related list is visible in the Data Source to easily add into the main Document Content when creating a template. These threads will guide you:

Different use cases for Related List

Related lists are quite commonly used in creating templates as they enrich the content by offering multiple options to present data, which is not narrowed down to only the main object. Some of the common use cases are:

  • Product line item table with quantity, price, and total amount of Opportunity for quotations, proposals, offers, purchase orders or invoices

  • Contact list table with Name, Email, Phone, Title of Account for Account Report

  • Case list with Subject, Description, Date of Account for audit report or Account Planning

  • Contract list with Service Description, Price, Payment Terms, etc. of Case/ Quote to create Service Contract documents

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